Meandering path to the Palouse

Faisal Aden has finally found his way to the Pac-10 and is making the most of it

By Ryan Collingwood of the Tribune

PULLMAN – The drearier-than-usual conditions which engulf the Palouse in the winter months are a millstone to even the most acclimated students and residents.

And if somebody hasn’t already developed an immunity for the chilly temperatures, a semester has a funny way of lengthening.

So excuse Washington State junior Faisal Aden – who can be seen sauntering from class-to-class sporting one hooded sweatshirt over another – if the transition hasn’t been particularly swift from a climate aspect.

Considering Aden has spent time in San Diego, Dallas, Las Cruces, N.M., and Tampa, Fla., the extra layers are warranted. The obvious lack of amenities in contrast to the metro areas aren’t lost on him, either.

But for Aden, a 6-foot-4 guard who ranks second on the Cougars’ young roster in scoring at 16.9 points per game, it’s not about the location – it’s the situation.

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