Moore suspended indefinitely

As Washington State trails Stanford 33-23 at halftime, the Cougars’ backcourt exhibits a void.

That’s because second-year coach Ken Bone opted to suspend sophomore point guard Reggie Moore indefinitely after confirming details of Moore’s Dec. 12 marijuana-related arrest.

Moore, who averages 8.8 points and 4.1 assists , has played in three games since the incident. Bone made the decision just hours before the Stanford game and plans to reevaluate the situation next week.

THOUGHTS: This seems so ill-timed. Bone had enough information about the incident to dole out a suspension — or some sort of punishment — as soon as the news surfaced. But, a month later, action is taken? And at the tail end of two-game road swing? Other pundits believe Bone may have been pressured to put the hammer down, which may have very well been the case. You’d think, though, that the powers that be wouldn’t put their foot on the throttle until the Cougs returned from the NorCal trip (especially considering WSU was 0-3 in Pac-10 games NOT at Beasley Coliseum prior to Sat.). Then again, Bone may have gotten the concrete information HE needed to put Moore on ice and made the move he planned on when facts came to the forefront. There is obviously more to this situation than I know, but the timing perplexes me. WSU has found a way to go 6-0 without Moore’s services this season, but I’m not putting a lot of credence into that statistic. WSU could surely use the Seattle product against the Arizona clubs and prohibitive Pac-10 favorite Washington, which all come to Pullman in the next two weeks.

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