Farewell, Coug fans

Two years ago, then-rookie sports editor Matt Baney’s first hire could have been someone else.

It could have been somebody with years of experience at a decent-sized shop or someone who went to a top-notch journalism school. Hell, Baney could have gone with someone with all the above when resumes filled his inbox.

Instead he hired me.

I came from a small daily newspaper and journalism was never my major, but my passion and willingness to improve stood out to him — I’ll always be thankful for that.

But now I’m ready for a new chapter.

From Washington State University coverage all the way down to the White Pine League, I’ll miss the coaches and athletes I interacted with daily. Some people get into this business to have a byline and to be around sports. I’m bigger on relationships.

As for as the Tribune, it was a great place to work. Not a bad soul in the building, really.  Baney, legendary scribe Dale Grummert and do-everything Brian Beasley taught me more than they’ll ever know.

It’s been real, folks. Thanks for the great experience.

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